List of Our Products...
Product Name Category Detail
Laundry Soap Soap Washing cloths/fabrics
Toilet Soap Soap Washing hands and body
Herbal Soap Soap Medical (anti dandruff, acne, eczema...)
Laundry Detergent Detergent Washing cloths/fabrics
Dish wash Detergent Washing dishes ,cooking utensils
Hand wash Detergent Washing Hands
Powder Detergent (OMO) Detergent Cloths especially cotton fabric
Detergent bars (AJAX) Detergent Washing dishes ,cooking utensils
Normal shampoo Shampoo Washing Hair
Herbal shampoo Shampoo Medical (anti dandruff ,hair growth)
Shower Gels Shampoo Body wash
Hair Conditioners Conditioner Anti-wrinkling, detangling hair
Fabric Softeners Softeners Anti-wrinkling, detangling fabrics
Chlorine Bleaches ( Berekina) Bleach Disinfectant ,Bleaching agent for white fabrics
Scouring powders (VIM) Bleach Disinfectant and Bleach for toilet Bowls
Detol solution ,Detol gel Antiseptic Toilet bowl cleaning, disinfectant, carpets
Alchol Antiseptic Disinfectant, wounds and utensils
Hand sanitizer Sanitizer Disinfect hands before meal
Glass cleaners Cleaner Remove dirt, grease from window glasses
Ceramic Cleaner Cleaner Cleans ceramic Tiles & Toilet Bowls
Hair Oils(foods) Cosmetics Nourishes human hair growth, prevents chopping ,dryness
Paraffin Oil Cosmetics hair growth, prevents chopping ,dryness
Glycerin Cosmetics Prevents skin dryness ,humectant
Vaseline Cosmetics Prevents skin dryness ,humectant
Nail polish remover Cosmetics Removes polish from nails ,finger
Epoxy Coating Coating Coating Floors, cars/trucks paints
Polyurethane Coating Coating Coating Floors, cars/trucks paints
Water Proofing Coating Prevent leakage in construction
Normal & Texture Paints Paint Wall ,metal ,wood

Our Services

  • . Product Development & Training
  • . Raw material selection and supply
  • . Machinery Design and Installation
  • . Business Plan Preparation
  • . Prefeasibility & Feasibility Study
  • . Management System Devt.& Impl.

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