The company has been established by professionals who have had in various sectors especially with hands-on experience in the manufacturing industry;

We provide tailored services, among others:

Our consultants & experts have hands on industrial experience with the following issues which are crucial steps in system implementation

  • Process mapping,
  • Procedure writing,
  • System auditing,
  • On the job training on management system development & implementation (ISO 9001 QMS, ISO14001EMS, ISO 22,000 FMS/HACCP)

Our experts have successfully developed & Implemented those systems i even in a manufacturing environment where the complexity of the processes is very great. Our clients are witnesses for those successes & achievements made.


To be the Leading Research, Product development and Consultancy Service Center in Eastern Africa by 2020. /b>


  • Provide Practical Product Development Training & consultancy service to investors, entrepreneurs
  • Designing, Installation & Commissioning of production Machinery & Equipment
  • Conduct Pre-feasibility & Feasibility Studies
  • Selection and supply of raw materials and other inputs at competitive prices
  • Consult & Guide firms to value adding man-agreement systems Implementation (ISO 9001 QMS, ISO14001EMS, ISO 22,000 FMS/HACCP)
  • Produce various training materials & disseminate them using a suitable media to enhance awareness of customers & society
  • Conduct Market Research /survey
  • Provide Business plan Training


  • Customer Focused
  • Trust
  • Efficiency
  • Integrity
  • Impartiality
  • Result oriented
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